iPod Touch- A good Hertzian space member?

Well, I've been reading about Hertzian space, thanks to Ladyada and the MIT Media Lab thesis there. I decided to put this to use and I realized that Apple products, do interact in the Hertzian space rather nicely, more details here.

Incidentally I just got dad a new iPod touch and have decided to test the theory that if it really is a good hertzian space product, it must be liked and used a lot. So rather than forcing dad to use it and explain the features over and over again, I've decided to let it build it's image itself.

Will keep you posted on this experiment.


1: day 1, surprisingly dad carried it with him. :)
2: day 2, dad was checking his mails on the iPod, leaving the open laptop beside the iPod. But guess it's just the initial liking, let's see what happens on the longer run.


Anonymous said...

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