The reverse direction

So I was disturbed by someone constantly nagging me over phone and SMS one night and I wanted to sleep. So I pressed the phone off feature on my phone. I slept a peaceful night...

I woke up the in morning and wanted to check out all that I missed during the night and wanted my pending messages to be delivered. I turned on my phone and as is common with cellphone providers I had to wait till one by one all the messages were delivered to me over the next hour or so. Moreover, I was not sure if I did get all my pending SMS!

This brought me to a conclusion. What if SMS was not a push service, but a get service? Most tech-savvy folks would shudder at the thought, considering that they are running to even get email to become push. But I'm sure some of the old timers would love it. This difference of opinion has a solution, that, like email people should be allowed to choose if they want the service as push or get.

The advantages of SMS as a get service are many. I could finally be able to subscribe to those SMS information services like 'word-a-day', without worrying about the SMSs reaching me in the middle of the night, either due to the source server sending it then, or the SMS being stuck in the operator's network for hours(which is more of a problem).

Of course one can argue and say that - 'dude just tell your phone to not beep/vibrate to an incoming SMS and read all of them at leisure', but we all know that a pending SMS, always tempts us to read it. :)

I hope someone is listening to this.