Ideologies and opinions

Life means so many things. Life cannot be described, not because it is complicated, but because everybody has her own understanding of it and the human race would never converge to one definition.

I am a person with heads in many directions. I have lived life from the point of view of many people. And this casual attitude of mine towards life in my earlier days has given me the eye to see life in many forms. I have been the spoilt rich kid, I have helped the needy(not monetarily, but those beaten down my life), I have loved the cities, I have loved the open fields. They are phases in my life. They don't define me completely, but define what I could have been, but never became.

What it all led to is, that during a very bad phase in my life, I had the time to sit and read back my life. I wish I could tell you that I created a perfect life from that, but I didn't. All I got from that retrospection is the power to differentiate and to judge. I don't judge the absolute right or wrong, I just judge the right and wrong for that moment, that phase, that life, but not only mine. 

Now people don't have the time these days to read their life. (Yes, that is one of my conclusions from the above mentioned retrospect). People are so busy with so many things which are not important, that they forget important things. These important things are not God, family, love, but the self. Nobody asks, let alone answer, the important question - "what's this life for?" We live our days, but forget that the years are passing by. Some people do answer the question, but with foolish things like money, fame, etc. See, there is nothing wrong with money or fame, but all it does it help a few generations below you to live better. It does not serve your purpose on earth. I only advice one simple thing - dream, explore, pray and then wait for your calling. Callings are very simple. My one calling is to help people who are struggling emotionally and I know that it is something which I not only enjoy, but which serves a higher purpose.

Coming to the topic I really wanted to discuss, I wish people were more patient and less focused. Ask yourself, have you not found and totally loved that hidden lake you discovered when you decided to break away from the pre-defined tour? Don't you love that unexpected holiday? Do you know why? Because that is life. It is about exploring and gently flowing to life's rhythm. I am writing this directly to people with such strong wills that they start to think of them as life. It may serve them well for years, but life never follows any rules. And when life takes that funny bend, they find themselves struggling to preserve their faith. They just can't let go, because they believe in the absolute. Life, I think, does not like absolute, quite like air and water.

Please find the time to discover your calling and then enjoy the music of life.

God bless


D-Link DWR-131 3G Pocket Router Firmware


Writing after a long time. Had a trip to Cambridge and then one survey trip to Gujarat. Also have finished almost all formalities for my Masters.

We recently bought the pocket router or Mi-Fi or mobile 3G access point from Dlink -DWR-131 3G Pocket Router. It's a nice little thing with the only disadvantage being the limited 4 hours battery life. But the review will have to wait. We also bought the DWM-156 HSUPA 3.75G Data Card to go with it. Out of the box they both didn't seem to talk to each other. So I called up Dlink's technical support and they sent over the firmware upgrade that fixed that.

Since I can't seem to download firmwares from the Dlink's site and I assume many others can't, I have uploaded the firmware on my dropbox and the link is -

I hope this helps someone.




Einstein talked of the space-time fabric, the fact that God does not play dice. The fact that we meet and interact with others when our space-time lines meet. The person to whom you have the remotest possibility to meeting, comes in our life. Luck or space-time fabric, I don't know.
Then again, is it part of a divine plan? Something that you should take ahead? Something you should leap into? Or it is something that you should not bother too much about, because of the space-time wormholes? Wormholes, which push you away from that person in just one go? To a place too far away from them.
Thinking more intensely, I feel that we have underestimated the number of wormholes. Why? Because I often find myself standing in places which is surrounded by wormholes and like a checkmated king, all moves push me far away, except, that there is no game-over...

I have to make that move.


Not exactly night

Excuse these black images. They look pretty good on the MBP, but they somehow seem washed to black on other machines. But I don't want to make them bright, they are too beautiful naturally.

If you see them on your Lion or Doze or Xciting Xmas(Ubuntu) screen, please let me know.



OSX86 Lion on DX58SO


A new love, a long night and some more time to write...

After many attempts to settle on using a hakintosh at home, I've finally decided to use Lion on the house's work house (DX58SO, i7 2.98, 4GB, 9800GT). It runs Vista on a different disk along with a very stable but not too pretty install of Snow Leopard (10.6.6).

This is a running-tutorial-cum-experience-log for the setup. The extra/special things I did, I've put in Green. The entire thing would take about 2 hours in total.

OSX86 has come a long way from my first try with is using the iAktos for Leopard (10.5). For my current setup I used UniBeast(you would need to do a free registration for getting UniBeast. Follow the initial process till before Post Installation from here -

If you have 10.7 DMG file got from "other" sources. Open it and copy the Install Mac OS X Lion to your Applications Folder.  I would also like to point out here that you would need another OSX machine, Apple or Hakintosh to get UniBeast to a drive and that the USB drive required is equal to or more than 8GB. I used a 32GB Sandisk SD, placed in a Transcend card-reader.

After Lion boots, download MultiBeast, or copy from another machine, if you internet is not working on the new Lion setup. 

The options to select from Multibeast can be got from here :
These are specific to Intel's DX58SO motherboard. Also at the time of writing 10.7.3 is available, but I've only updated to 10.7.2.

You should have almost everything essential working : Graphics (you may need to work on your own if it's not detected till now, mine was detected), LAN and Audio.

For getting sleep to work get this SleepEnabler. and then use Kext Utility from Applications to install it after copying SleepEnabler.kext to the /System/Library/Extensions folder.

I did try DSDT patching, but got no further benefits, you may try at your will and kindly report if you hit anything. People have reported that sleep works without SleepEnabler for them after DSDT patching, but that was not the case with me.

I surely suggest downloading CCC (CarbonCopyCloner) and use it to keep a static or incremental backups of the entire disk, as and when you progress.

Next was to map the PC keyboard to the Mac keyboard. Windows Key becomes Command Key. I'm using a Microsoft Wireless 700 keyboard, which has only one Windows Key, but I'm used to two command keys (for CMD+I, CMD+,) so I got KeyRemap4Macbook from here : 
Enabled Application Key to Command_R (under the PC users section), Volume, media and Mission Control & Launchpad keys to F1..F9 keys.

I also added one of my own in the private.xml file to allow sleep from one button press. You may add more using the help from

If you have a NTFS partitions for Windows, I also suggest getting NTFS-3G. Lion uses only a x64 kernel and hence the tutorial here has to be followed (Do as per the comment by Juan):

I've turned on Screen Sharing, File Sharing in OSX sharing preferences.

Installed some of my favourite applications - Evernote, Skitch, LibreOffice, Handbrake (some from the AppStore).

Enjoying the setup, with Natural Scrolling enabled. ;)

Please feel free to ask any related questions in the comments.

Update 1: Bought a bluetooth USB dongle - make Atek. Works out the box on 10.7.2. No wake from sleep though.
Update 2: Bought the Apple Wireless Keyboard. And now it's almost a complete Mac :)

Snow Leopard Internet Sharing WEP


After a long time, I've found something really nice to write about and it's technical and it's about my MBP.

We often go out for field work and for internet we have a CDMA EVDO USB Dongle and we have about 4-5 laptops, so sharing the internet is a issue.

OS X comes with internet sharing which allows any network interface to be shared over Firewire, Bluetooth PAN, ethernet and even Airport(WiFi). When I tried to set it up, I faced issues and the other laptops (Ubuntu machines) were not able to connect. This is contrary to the "Just Works" of Apple.

After some fiddling around, I was able to get to setup a Airport network, using "Internet Sharing" in "Sharing" under "System Preferences", but WITHOUT WEP security. Select the interface to share, in my case the "Huawei Modem" and tick Airport.
If you fail at this step. Try to create a ad-hoc network in OS X, connect to it from another machine. Then disconnect the ad-hoc network and try again from the Internet Sharing. It should now be able to share the internet over Airport and see this icon in the menu bar:

You should now be able to connect from other machines.

This setup worked well for us, because the place were we go for field work is rather remote and nobody around would be hacking into an open network.

But it was still not possible to use this thing in a more "public" place, like during the journey in the train. So I tried many things to make the WEP work and finally was able to isolate the problem.

The main problem is that the WEP authentication implemented by Internet Sharing in OS X ( and I'm only talking about 10.6.8 here, because I've only one Mac), is SHARED KEY. The default for all other operating systems is OPEN KEY, so as soon as you try to connect with another machine, it fails. 

The trick to do it in Ubuntu is:

  1. Try connect to the network, it'll keep trying, but never succeed. 
  2. Then diconnect that. 
  3. Right click on network manager on the top panel, select "Edit Connection...". Goto Wireless, you'll see "Auto ". Select that and click Edit.
  4. Goto to "Wireless Security",  put the key and change the Authentication to "Shared Key".
  5. Save and close
  6. Now connect from network manager in the top panel and connect to OS X shared network.
  7. This should do it, you'll be able to get internet on the other laptops too!
  8. There is no step 8. :)
Now we have a working shared internet. 

You can do a similar thing with Windows also.



P.S.:  One Ubuntu laptop has some problem, staying connected to the wireless network, to which I share the internet over a ethernet patch cable.

Strangeways Inside

This is a song not many people would enjoy/appreciate/understand. But I hope, like me, there would be few others who would let their hearts touched by this song...

(Since I couldn't find the song to buy anywhere around me, I'm making an excuse to use a stolen copy so people can listen to this wonderful song. I hope the copy-right holders would allow me to use it, for a short time...)

Links to a dropbox...

Oh and for a start up, Strangeways is a prison in England, where only the most dangerous criminals are taken, it's a wild wild world in there.

...But this song feels like the low time in which even those people regret what they have done and want to be normal and LOVE.