My feelings on Lansdowne

Hello friend,

I recently visited Lansdowne and would like to share my heart's words on that place...

It's a small proud place. Standing all alone and with no fear or loneliness, without the hustle and bustle that marks most modern hill stations of India. It has an air of it's own which can be summed as 'just right'. It's as if it says- whatever I am, I am just right.

There is an obvious displeasure in the visitors here, when they realize there is nothing much to visit here except a lake, a museum and a church. But this does not seem to effect this place to even the smallest degree. Its as if, some unknown strength holds it in upright in it's place and manner.

I don't mean to say it's a old and broken down neglected place, in fact it's too well kept for a hill town, but it's a still place. It's like an expensive strong box you bought , but you never found anything to keep in in. But at the same time, you never had the heart to throw it or even to not clean it. And like the peace that would be there inside that box, there is a peace in this place too. But it's not of heavenly nature, it's just a forced peace, a self contained peace.

It's so peaceful, that quite the way one would walk by that box, without giving much credit, passerby crossing Lansdowne do drive by this place, without too much notice or awe. But it does leave it's mark in a keen eyed passerby's head, especially due to it's distinct vegetation. While all around is a pine forest, Lansdowne has a lush green vegetation of a large variety of trees. And like that passerby on the road, it's visitors also move on in life, without missing Lansdowne much.

I may never come back to this place but, where ever I may be, my heart says that this place shall not change much, maybe because of it's pride or maybe because there is nothing to for it to grow to. But so is the life in the hills...