Mobile Number Portability

Ah long time and finally I'm free to write....

I recently used the new power given to mobile phone users in the country, viz. Mobile Number Portability. I shifted from my old operator -Idea Celluar to Vodafone. My reasons were many.

Idea has a very poor network in terms of voice quality in Delhi. I had been a Idea customer from last 3-4 years, but a major part of that time was in Pune, where Idea seems to have a strong hold, and where problems with Idea were minimum. But in Delhi, the network is weak and at a place where I was residing for sometime there was no signal at all. Then there was 3G. Idea has not won the 3G spectrum in Delhi, or rather in any big cities. Idea has concentrated on Maharashtra in that terms too, so I was not sure if they would ever launch 3G here in partnership. Having a 3G phone and being a regular internet user, i wanted 3G madly. The final decision that made me shift was a non-refunded recharge. Even after my MNP request, Idea failed to process my refund.

Why Vodafone? Well there was choice between Airtel, Reliance, Vodafone and MTNL(only they have 3G in Delhi.) MTNL as everyone knows, has a far poorer network in terms of voice. With Reliance and Airtel, my family has had horrifying experiences. So I was left with Vodafone. So I called up few of my friends who are Vodafone users and they seemed content, if not happy.

It's been about a week with Vodafone and my experience is mostly OK-ish. Had called the customer care once, but they were pretty rude and un-helpful and funny too( I had called up "111" and they guy on the other side told me -"Please call 111 for this information". I told him I had called 111 only, to which he said "No sir, you have called 198".) It was a pretty stupid thing, but could be a technical glitch, so I'm looking forward to my next time to talk to them, before I build a strong opinion. The network seems better, the "H" from HSDPA shines on my phone. :D Voice quality is better too.

Ah yes, it took them 5 days to transfer the connection, including a Saturday and Sunday. I had given the request on a Friday and shifted on Wednesday. Had got a Vodafone message on Tuesday night saying- "Your porting request has been accepted by your service provider. Vodafone will shortly tell you the porting time and date". I never got that message with time and date, which made me lose the remaining balance on Idea. But never mind, I was happy to leave.

That's my story on MNP. Still with my old number, in case anybody wants to call in for a chat. ;)