Assignment 1 Done


Finally the rain filled the city with enough drops for me to finish the "Drops" assignment. ;)

Here it is! Enjoy nature...



ravi said...

you were up at Aug 15, 2011 3:03:56 AM to take this photo ? else your time settings on your nikon D5100 are wrong.

why not remove all EXIF data before uploading ?

Akshat said...


The data/time stamp seems to be more of a Google bug. Look the field - Date & Time original, which has the correct time. Also 3:00 AM does not seem to be the upload time. It seems like GMT 0 to me, since all unix systems use UTC to keep time, so maybe there is communication failure between my Mac and Goole, over Time stamps.

Also keeping the exif helps professional to find the faults in the method of taking the photo. Like I've taken all photos in ISO800, just to avoid using the tripod, which is not correct. :)


Anonymous said...

Very refreshing Photos as the theme "Drops" goes.

I enjoy looking at each one of them as many time as I see.

What about Next theme as "Sun". It will be difficult one.