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A new love, a long night and some more time to write...

After many attempts to settle on using a hakintosh at home, I've finally decided to use Lion on the house's work house (DX58SO, i7 2.98, 4GB, 9800GT). It runs Vista on a different disk along with a very stable but not too pretty install of Snow Leopard (10.6.6).

This is a running-tutorial-cum-experience-log for the setup. The extra/special things I did, I've put in Green. The entire thing would take about 2 hours in total.

OSX86 has come a long way from my first try with is using the iAktos for Leopard (10.5). For my current setup I used UniBeast(you would need to do a free registration for getting UniBeast. Follow the initial process till before Post Installation from here - http://tonymacx86.blogspot.in/2011/10/unibeast-install-mac-os-x-lion-using.html

If you have 10.7 DMG file got from "other" sources. Open it and copy the Install Mac OS X Lion to your Applications Folder.  I would also like to point out here that you would need another OSX machine, Apple or Hakintosh to get UniBeast to a drive and that the USB drive required is equal to or more than 8GB. I used a 32GB Sandisk SD, placed in a Transcend card-reader.

After Lion boots, download MultiBeast, or copy from another machine, if you internet is not working on the new Lion setup. 

The options to select from Multibeast can be got from here : http://www.tonymacx86.com/viewtopic.php?t=41190&p=264790
These are specific to Intel's DX58SO motherboard. Also at the time of writing 10.7.3 is available, but I've only updated to 10.7.2.

You should have almost everything essential working : Graphics (you may need to work on your own if it's not detected till now, mine was detected), LAN and Audio.

For getting sleep to work get this SleepEnabler.  http://www.osx86.net/view/1948-sleepenabler.kext_10.7.2.html and then use Kext Utility from Applications to install it after copying SleepEnabler.kext to the /System/Library/Extensions folder.

I did try DSDT patching, but got no further benefits, you may try at your will and kindly report if you hit anything. People have reported that sleep works without SleepEnabler for them after DSDT patching, but that was not the case with me.

I surely suggest downloading CCC (CarbonCopyCloner) and use it to keep a static or incremental backups of the entire disk, as and when you progress.

Next was to map the PC keyboard to the Mac keyboard. Windows Key becomes Command Key. I'm using a Microsoft Wireless 700 keyboard, which has only one Windows Key, but I'm used to two command keys (for CMD+I, CMD+,) so I got KeyRemap4Macbook from here : http://pqrs.org/macosx/keyremap4macbook/ 
Enabled Application Key to Command_R (under the PC users section), Volume, media and Mission Control & Launchpad keys to F1..F9 keys.

I also added one of my own in the private.xml file to allow sleep from one button press. You may add more using the help from http://pqrs.org/macosx/keyremap4macbook/document.html

If you have a NTFS partitions for Windows, I also suggest getting NTFS-3G. Lion uses only a x64 kernel and hence the tutorial here has to be followed (Do as per the comment by Juan):

I've turned on Screen Sharing, File Sharing in OSX sharing preferences.

Installed some of my favourite applications - Evernote, Skitch, LibreOffice, Handbrake (some from the AppStore).

Enjoying the setup, with Natural Scrolling enabled. ;)

Please feel free to ask any related questions in the comments.

Update 1: Bought a bluetooth USB dongle - make Atek. Works out the box on 10.7.2. No wake from sleep though.
Update 2: Bought the Apple Wireless Keyboard. And now it's almost a complete Mac :)


Wouter said...

I just want to thank you for the comprehensive guide...it worked really well on my rig with DX58SO

Akshat said...

Hello Wouter,

I'm glad this could help you.


rootagepirates said...

Hey Akshat u have done a fab job. I really appreciate it.
Will try n let u know.
Pls help me out if i stuck somewere.
whats ur email ID? my email ID is rootagepirates@gmail.com , will wait for ur reply. :)

Akshat said...
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Akshat said...

Hi rootagepirates,

Sure you can ask any problems that you face, just write a comment here, so that everyone can benefit.

I'll reply as quickly as I can. Just tick the option for "Email follow-up comments" when you post, so that you get the replies in email.

All the best and thanks.


Anonymous said...

what options did u choose in bios to boot from usb drive? thanks