Einstein talked of the space-time fabric, the fact that God does not play dice. The fact that we meet and interact with others when our space-time lines meet. The person to whom you have the remotest possibility to meeting, comes in our life. Luck or space-time fabric, I don't know.
Then again, is it part of a divine plan? Something that you should take ahead? Something you should leap into? Or it is something that you should not bother too much about, because of the space-time wormholes? Wormholes, which push you away from that person in just one go? To a place too far away from them.
Thinking more intensely, I feel that we have underestimated the number of wormholes. Why? Because I often find myself standing in places which is surrounded by wormholes and like a checkmated king, all moves push me far away, except, that there is no game-over...

I have to make that move.