Ideologies and opinions

Life means so many things. Life cannot be described, not because it is complicated, but because everybody has her own understanding of it and the human race would never converge to one definition.

I am a person with heads in many directions. I have lived life from the point of view of many people. And this casual attitude of mine towards life in my earlier days has given me the eye to see life in many forms. I have been the spoilt rich kid, I have helped the needy(not monetarily, but those beaten down my life), I have loved the cities, I have loved the open fields. They are phases in my life. They don't define me completely, but define what I could have been, but never became.

What it all led to is, that during a very bad phase in my life, I had the time to sit and read back my life. I wish I could tell you that I created a perfect life from that, but I didn't. All I got from that retrospection is the power to differentiate and to judge. I don't judge the absolute right or wrong, I just judge the right and wrong for that moment, that phase, that life, but not only mine. 

Now people don't have the time these days to read their life. (Yes, that is one of my conclusions from the above mentioned retrospect). People are so busy with so many things which are not important, that they forget important things. These important things are not God, family, love, but the self. Nobody asks, let alone answer, the important question - "what's this life for?" We live our days, but forget that the years are passing by. Some people do answer the question, but with foolish things like money, fame, etc. See, there is nothing wrong with money or fame, but all it does it help a few generations below you to live better. It does not serve your purpose on earth. I only advice one simple thing - dream, explore, pray and then wait for your calling. Callings are very simple. My one calling is to help people who are struggling emotionally and I know that it is something which I not only enjoy, but which serves a higher purpose.

Coming to the topic I really wanted to discuss, I wish people were more patient and less focused. Ask yourself, have you not found and totally loved that hidden lake you discovered when you decided to break away from the pre-defined tour? Don't you love that unexpected holiday? Do you know why? Because that is life. It is about exploring and gently flowing to life's rhythm. I am writing this directly to people with such strong wills that they start to think of them as life. It may serve them well for years, but life never follows any rules. And when life takes that funny bend, they find themselves struggling to preserve their faith. They just can't let go, because they believe in the absolute. Life, I think, does not like absolute, quite like air and water.

Please find the time to discover your calling and then enjoy the music of life.

God bless