Poz-The music album

Hey guys and gals,

I decided that I have just one life and I need to do all that is essential. Making music is most essential and since I missed a chance during my B.Tech, i need to do it now.

I've started working on the album titled "Poz" and the first small jingle has come out. The second song is in the making.

Link soon...

Hope you guys like it...


P.S.: In the air of open-source, the album is free to distribute and edit. :)

Edit: Link to first song... Total Today


Anonymous said...

Way it go buddy! :) Can i hv an autograph pls? ;) :)

surya said...

oh gr8...so we get 2 popstars on this blog...one is shakira n d other u !! :) looking forward to hearing ur compositions.