Weekend Update

Haven't posted for two days now. I was not sure what to post and I felt I was going into the domain of "too-much-talking-no-working". So I did some paper work, which I hope to put here in few days.

I also did some testing of the hardware I'm developing and will develop the PCB. Some more testing and power supply design validation today. I'm using a transformer-less supply and the capacitor I've bought is rather large to fit in the design and I need to look for alternatives, SMPS is too complicated and expensive. Anyways this will take form eventually and more details on the google-sites project site I've build. Link soon guys.

I finally got the note for the second song of "Poz" and it's coming along pretty OK. Hope to finish it by next week. The coming week will be rather free, so hope to make more music.

Have borrowed brother's Play-station Portable (PSP) and having fun with it, it's in exchange for my iPod.  Watched the movie "P.S. I love you" last night. Was fun.

More on the personal front, I've made a adsorption (mind it not absorbing) layer around me, so ideas and criticism from people don't penetrate right away. I keep them away from me and analyze when I have time, this reduces my frustrations from impulsive responses.

I'm working on my MS thesis, so I can build something useful in the 2 years.

Also working on the topic of "Points of failures in electronics", because I feel it's the prime most reason for people to hate or love things, especially electronic devices.

So loads on my plate for now. Technical posts will follow from tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I am a regular of your blog Sir, and i find all the posts very interesting! waiting for your song to release. can we hv a pre-release play rehearsal?i admire young minds lik u, catering and fulfilling to their own desires and dreams!

and i LOVED ure idea of adsorption (not absorption) tremendously! i think we all should do practise it as well :)

I have a set up of my own, i hope young minds lik u can join me in my venture.